Warren UC Fall Supper & Bake Sale at Warren Memorial Hall on Sun. Sept 17 from 3-6 p.m.

Warren United Church Fall Supper & Bake SaleSunday September 17th from 3:00-6:00pm at Warren Memorial Hall.  Adults $15,  Children (6-10) $6.  Wheelchair Friendly!  Take-out meals available at the Warren Fire Hall Multi-Purpose Room 3:00-5:30pm  (Group take-out pre-orders – 6 or more meals – e-mail dorishunter@mymts.net).  The left over food from Warren’s Fall Supper will be delivered to Siloam Mission on Monday Sept 18th. Vel and Ed D. have offered to deliver donations of toiletries (shampoo, soap, lotion, etc.) to the Mission at the same time.   If you have any extras that you would like to donate a collection box will be set up at the Warren service at the park September 10th.

Donations for the Warren Fall Supper bake sale on September 17th would be appreciated. Besides baking, donations of fresh produce, jams, jellies, relish and pickles are most welcome.  Thanks Doris

Quiz Night at Meadow Lea Hall, Sept. 15 at 7 p.m.

Meadow Lea United Church will be hosting a Quiz Night at Meadow Lea Hall on Friday, September 15 at 7 p.m.  6-8 people per team.  Cost is $10 per person and the winning team receives their fees back.  You are welcome to bring your own snacks and refreshments will be available for purchase.  Coffee is free.  There will also be a 50/50 draw and a bake table.  To register or if you have any questions please call Tammy at 375-6503 or Edna at 375-6597.

2016 Annual Report




P.O. Box 324 Warren, MB R0C 3E0

Office : 204-322-5752        

Email : warrenmeadowlea@mymts.net

 Website : warrenmeadowlea.ca




Geziena Anna (Sieny) Moerman           July 16, 1925 – December 28, 2015

Ruby Evelyn Hogg (*)                            August 26, 1915 – January 10, 2016

David Russell (Russ) Oliver                 September 12, 1938 – August 21, 2016

Janis Boonstra (*)                                 November 18, 1945 – September 25, 2016

Ellen Marion Kathleen Swan                March 11, 1931 – May 13, 2016

Edward Peltz                                         December 20, 1931 – October 14, 2016

Lesley Frederick Malcolm                   September 10, 1933 – November 2, 2016 

Funerals conducted through Warren-Meadow Lea Pastoral Charge (*) denotes membership in Warren United Church.




                   Ministers Report                                                        

                   Warren United Church Reports 2016     

                   Warren UC Chairperson’s Report                          

                   Warren Council for 2016                                                   

                   Fellowship Report                                               

                   Ministry & Personnel Report                                       

                    Property Report                                                         

                    Finance Committee Report                                       

                    Worship Committee Report                                     

                    Warren UC Financial Statement                              

                   Warren UC Income/Expense Details                        

                   Meadow Lea Church Report

                  Presbytery Report                                                       

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                  Meadow Lea Council for 2016                                    

                  Financial Summary                                                     

                 Financial Statement                                                     

                 Memorial Fund Report                                                      

                Warren & Meadow Lea Pastoral Charge

                Pastoral Charge Budget                                               

                Pastoral Charge Report                                                    

               Warren/Meadow Lea M & S                                         



It gives me great joy to write a Minister’s Report for this Annual Report because it allows me to celebrate the ministry we share.

This has been a year of remembering for me:  remembering what it was like growing up in a rural prairie community; remembering what weather really is; remembering the depth of pastoral ministry in small communities.

It has been a year of new beginnings and learnings:  meeting several folks in both congregations and getting to know who you are as faith communities; working in a half-time position; ministering in communities in which I do not live; doing much administrative work by email; worshipping with technology

The year has held many celebrations, from Meadow Lea’s 125th Anniversary to more than one special birthday party; from funeral services marking the lives of people who have made significant contributions to their communities through their living to honouring graduates in our midst.

This year, we have experienced together much of what life has to offer (including remits!) and God has been with us, promising to bring us where we need to be.

When I met with the Joint Search Committee early in 2016, these were the hopes and dreams expressed for our shared ministry:

I feel called to work with you to bring as many of these hopes and dreams as possible (and more) to reality over the next years.  I look forward to a strong, healthy pastoral relationship.  I celebrate your many gifts and the willingness you have to share them.  Thank you for your welcome of me and my family, for sharing your lives with me, and for entering into this new ministry relationship.

God be with us all,

Patricia Baker


Council Chair Report

Another year seems to have slipped by. Except for a few computer problems things have gone fairly smoothly.  Doris Hunter and I finally got together and updated the WUC constitution.  We will be bringing it forward at Warren Council meeting for a final reading and any needed changes will be made.

I would like to thank everyone for their help and support the past year.

Linda MacMillan

Warren Council 2016
Name Title Phone # email address
Linda MacMillan Chair Warren 204-322-5385 twomacs@mts.net
Stefanie Lasuik Vice Chairperson 204-322-5164 stefanie.l@hotmail.ca
Lynne Lasuik Secretary 204-322-5164 llasuik@mymts.net
Margaret Munroe Alternate 204-322-5341 msmunroe36@gmail.com
Faye Mason Treasurer 204-322-5109 rayfaye@mts.net
Pat Hogg Worship 204-322-5617 pathogg@mts.net
Ed Debeuckelaere Property 204-322-5498 veldine@mts.net
Barb Fairlie Fellowship 204-383-5868 fairlie1@mts.net
David Fairlie Finance 204-383-5868 fairlie1@mts.net
Laura Johnson M & P 204-383-5017 kjohn@mts.net
Lorelee Proctor M & P 204-383-5919 leproctr@mts.net


            Warren United Church Fellowship Report- 2016

The Fellowship committee had a busy but fulfilling year in 2016 as our members once again undertook many varied projects.

Coffee Fellowship Sundays– Fellowship Sundays continue to alternate between Warren and Meadow Lea congregations with delicious lunches being provided by their members.  These special Sundays also provide a great time for visiting.  The dates are often set to comply with a meeting or special occasion/event.  This year we had many of these Sundays:

January 24:  Meadow Lea hosted this Sunday which coincided with their congregational meeting.

March 6:  Warren hosted lunch for this special Sunday, “Meet and Greet” our new minister, Patricia Baker.  This Sunday was also Warren’s Annual Congregational meeting.

April 10:  Meadow Lea provided lunch for the Annual Pastoral Charge meeting at Warren.

May 8:  A pancake breakfast was served before the service on Mother’s Day.

September 11:  An outdoor church service was held at Lion’s Park followed by a BBQ lunch.

October 16:  Meadow Lea hosted lunch after worship at their church.

November 6:  Second Chance group once again provided the music for this service and lunch followed.

November 20:   A Pastoral Charge meeting was held, followed by a potluck luncheon.

December 11:  The “Living Nativity” was re-enacted; hot chocolate and cookies were provided.

Some other occasions involving the Fellowship committees’ organization and preparation and serving of food were:

Lion’s Manor service was planned for Sunday, April 24 at 2 PM at Lion’s Manor in Stonewall.

Spring Potluck Supper was hosted on Thursday, April 28 at 6 PM.  Following a most delicious potluck meal attended by 38 people, Merle Tomyk presented a topic very dear to her heart called “The Life and Legacy of William Kurelek”.  He was a very famous artist from the Interlake area.  Merle brought along many artifacts, calendars and DVDs to display.

Covenanting Service for Patricia was held on June 5.  A full meal was served for all in attendance.

Grad Night service was scheduled for June 23.  Nine grade 12 graduates attended and had the honor of listening to guest speaker, Dr. Chris Proctor.  Refreshments were served after the service.

Community Friendship–   Many cards were sent out to people in the Warren community:  29 sympathy, 17 get well, 3 thinking of you, and 3 congratulation cards.  Meadow Lea now does this for their community as well.

Observer Magazine– There was an increase of 6 subscriptions for the Observer in 2016, so in total 13 subscriptions.

Lenten and Advent M&S Appeal– All gifts to M&S during Lent and Advent were received through collection envelopes marked for this special appeal.

Prayer Shawls–   14 prayer shawls were delivered to people in the Warren community over the past year.

Palm Sunday Visitations– In total, 50 trays of dainties were delivered to people in Warren and Meadow Lea communities.  A box of dainties was mailed to Robert Humble and Heather of Merrickville, ON.

Mitten Tree– Once again many knitted items from the tree, donations of non-perishable food, clothing and toys were picked up and graciously received by Stonewall and District Christmas Cheer Board.

I wish to thank all the Fellowship members for their continued work and dedication: Faye Mason, Vel Debeuckelaere, Eileen Smith, Sharon Kapchinsky, Shirley King, and Edna McRae of Meadow Lea.

A very special thank you is extended to all from Warren and Meadow Lea Churches/communities who continue to support the Fellowship committee in all our endeavours throughout the year.  Your time and gifts of baking, knitting, visiting and delivering, etc. are truly appreciated and allow our committee to accomplish our many projects.

Respectfully submitted,

Barb Fairlie

Fellowship Chair


M & P Report

Our new Minister Patricia Baker was hired early in 2016.  M&P has meetings scheduled with Patricia quarterly as required by the United Church of Canada.

M&P met with both our secretary Edith MacMillan and Warren’s caretaker Ruth Jewell to renew contracts in the spring.

Les and Betty Kelly moved to Brandon in the fall.  As Les Kelly was the Chairperson of M&P, he was thanked for all of his hard work.  As Betty was the Chair at Meadow Lea, Sandra Keen had to give up her position on M&P to take over the role of Chair at Meadow Lea.  Debbie Hildebrandt has agreed to join the M&P Committee in Sandra’s place.  We thank Sandra for her contributions to M&P during her time on the Committee.

The current M&P Committee consists of Lorelee Proctor, Debbie Hildebrandt and Laura Johnson.  Lorelee is the M&P liason with Patricia, Laura is the liason with Edith and Ruth and Debbie is the liason with the Meadow Lea Council.

We look forward to a productive year assisting all church personnel and working with the three councils.

Respectfully submitted,

Laura Johnson, Lorelee Proctor, Debbie Hildebrandt


Warren United Church Property Report 2016

This year a few projects were completed to keep our church well maintained.

New flooring was purchased and installed in the kitchen. This was to replace the worn flooring and to brighten up the kitchen.

The old stove was not working properly so a new one was purchased.

We found the basement was very damp so we purchased a fairly large dehumidifier and within a couple of weeks the humidity had dropped from 86% to 30% thus preventing any mold or damage to the items stored in the basement.

Landscaping was undertaken early in the year. A layer of ¼ down was put down and sloped away from the basement wall. A layer of topsoil was placed on top of the down and grass seed was put down. A down pour washed out some of the grass seed – it was replaced and was growing well by fall.  Landscaping away from the basement walls should lessen the flow of moisture into the basement. Thank you the volunteers who help spread the yards of soil

There were a couple of huge water bills as sand and gravel had been left behind due to the water main break on Christmas Eve a year ago. The sand and gravel penetrated into the valve system and left them open – careful monitoring and the system seem to be working well now.

The building is old and certainly needs TLC. New soffits and fascia will be needed as well as new eve troughs on Davidson Hall. The ceiling in the sanctuary needs to be repaired. A contractor has been called to see if they can repair the damage.

Constant repairs and upgrades are required and with your generous support our church building will be a pleasant and safe facility to meet, worship and work in.

Your Property Committee

Barb & Tom Riddell, Judy & Barry Baldwin, Ed Debeuckelaere (Chair)


Warren United Church Finance Report-2016

Thank you to all the people of our congregation for the support that our committee receives whenever a fundraiser is held.  Warren Church always appreciates the support received from the Meadow Lea congregation and the community around us.  Without this continued support, our endeavours would not be as successful and fulfilling.

Whether it’s Quiz Nite, the Hot Dog & Pie sale at the Community Garage sale in May, the Fall Fashion Show, or the annual Fall Supper in September, our committee can always rely on the support of our church and community.

Various events that are held throughout the year make me appreciate the community that I belong to.  Events such as the service in Lion’s Park each September, Grad Night in June, services at Lion’s Manor, White Gift Sunday and the Mitten Tree receive amazing support.  Also the turn out for the landscaping work bee at the church made for a pretty quick job.

Thank you to everyone for making the effort to make a difference.

The Finance committee members are:

David Fairlie- Chair, Faye Mason- Treasurer, Debbie Buchanan, Doris Hunter,

Shelley MacGillivray- Envelope Secretary

Respectfully submitted,

David Fairlie

Chair of Finance


2016 Worship Committee Report

Committee members; Patricia Baker (started February 15th 2016), Barbara Riddell, Judith Hamilton, Judy Baldwin, Eilene Smith, Lori Anne Lobb, Wendy O’Neill, Sandra Keen, Pat Hogg(chair).

We began our year serving with Sunday Supply.  Search committee put out a call for Patricia Baker to begin as our Minister on February 15th and we were blessed that she accepted the call. We had four meeting with lots of discussion on many new ideas in reaching out to the community, being more visible and attempting to interest children and youth. Patricia has some great ideas and we are trying to embrace them and work together to make them happen.

We served six communion services.  We had a service at Lions Manor on April 24th and May we had special music on Mother’s Day. June was Patricia’s Covenanting service prepared by Patricia and the Search committee. It was a wonderful and meaningful service with participation from Presbytery and both Churches.  June 11 was a Grad service for anyone graduating from High School. Chris Proctor was Guest Speaker and the students enjoyed and I mean really enjoyed the lunch provided by Fellowship committee. In August the Spirit Of Summer two day Bible school was enjoyed by approximately 9 children. September was Picnic in the Park which is always a great way to start off the fall season. At our Remembrance day service, we invited Second Chance to come and provide some wonderful music for us. Cadet Brynn O’Neill, a youth member of our church who is always willing to help us, presented the wreath and after the minute of silence, we placed our poppies on the wreath in remembrance of our veterans.

December 1st we hosted The Quarry Choristers and Warren High School Choirs for a “Christmas in Song” evening, providing lunch and a time of fellowship to follow. December 11 was A Live Nativity outdoor service with real live animals (thanks to David Fairlie), White Gifts, Cheer Board Gifts and Donations were presented at this service. Cookies and hot chocolate followed. December 22 provided a “Light in the Darkest Night” service. Christmas Eve service held a full church and special music.

There are Many Thanks to go to all the committee members for willingly helping toward the music; decorating  the church for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and any other occasion; for assisting with communion; Poinsettia Spirit; ;changing of clothes ; and the youth group. I also want to thank Fellowship for being willing to provide food and fellowship when we surprise them with yet another time for food. Thanks to all who helped with being greeters. Thanks to every one of you who helped in so many ways. Thanks to you, Patricia, for being very patient and understanding. We truly appreciate it.

May God Bless you all.     Patricia Hogg


Warren United Church

Income and Expenses Details 2016


Offerings                                           $24,344.31 Includes non envelope, envelope and PAR

M & S                                               $  2,300.30  Includes envelope, PAR, advent, lent     and special collection

General Revenue

Donation                                 $ 2,270.35

Grants / Rebate                       $    905.00

Fellowship                               $    260.00



Fall Supper                             $10,989.45           Includes bake sale (456.00)

Other                                      $  8,040.50        Garage sale, quiz nite, fashion show,

dinner & luncheon

Fall Canvass                           $  5.905.00

Memorial Donations                $     495.00

Interest Income                       $     421.14

Rental Income                         $  1,440.00

Other                                        $       73.77


TOTAL  $57,444.82



Allocation                                         $28,176.30     Payments to Pastoral Charge

M & S                                              $  2,300.30       M & S contributions made for 2016

Finance                                           $  2,142.26        Includes postage & courier, Bursaries,   Fall Canvass, supplies, donations, bank charges


Fall Supper                             $  5,035.20

Other                                       $  4,319.07


Maintenance                                     $  2,421.06

Caretaking                                        $  2,515.00

Caretaking Supplies                         $     196.35

Gas – Equal Pymt Plan                    $     123.01

Gas – Actual Usage                         $  1,103.87

Hydro – Equal Pymt Plan                 $      -54.27

Hydro – Actual Usage                      $  1,053.19

Insurance                                         $  4,608.00

Pest Control                                    $   273.66

Taxes                                              $   101.26

Water                                              $   824.86

Sewer                                             $   473.86

Basic Charge                                 $   261.39

Renos                                           $  1,747.10

Other                                            $   114.55


          Total Property                 $15,762.89


Fellowship                                    $104.50

Worship                                        $204.04    supplies for worship

Subscriptions                               $291.90 UC Directory & Observer subscriptions

Memorial                                      $ 214.25   plaques & upgrade to digital sign

TOTAL $       $58,614.24                   

NET INCOME  – $1,169.42

Respectfully prepared and submitted by

Faye Mason

Treasurer, Warren UC


Presbytery Report for 2016

Selkirk Presbytery had the usual four meetings in 2016. We met on February 27th at Stonewall, on the 23rd of April at Oak Bank, on the 24th of September at Sandy Saulteaux Center, and the 26th of November at Netly Hall. The main focus of the business portions of our meetings has been dealing with the remits. We have prepared for, discussed and approved several. During the February meeting we started preparing. Leonard Oracheski and members of Stonewall United Church led us in worship. A video, named “Who moved my cheese?” introduced us to thinking about change and the upcoming remits. Later in the meeting we discussed how the remits should be approached in the congregations.  Our meetings incorporate a learning time as well as business time. In fact for the last couple of years there has been more learning time than business time. I like that.

Marian Entz discussed her experiences working for Doctors without Borders in south Sudan. She told us about working in a refugee camp with those suffering from malnutrition, and showed pictures of the camps and people she worked with.

Erin Ackland has been keeper of the Archives for the Conference of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario and the All Native Circle Conference for the last 1 ½ years. She presented information about the importance of the archives, of how they tell our story and the work of the Truth and Reconciliation commission. The United Church has been collecting records since 1870 and it is our obligation to keep the story going.

As part of the correspondence we were informed that the Settlement Commission had approved the call of Patricia Baker to Warren – Meadow Lea Pastoral Charge, part time (20 hours per week)effective February 15, 2016.

Our April meeting interspersed remits with Retiree Conversations. We discussed and approved remit 2: Elimination of Transfer and Settlement. Leonard Oracheski, retiring minister from Stonewall, then spoke of his experience with the settlement committee and some of his more memorable moments in ministry, including meeting Nelson Mandela on an overseas internship. Remit 5: Ministry Partners within Mutual Recognition Agreements was discussed and approved.  Ted Dodd was introduced to the court as a recent retiree. He spoke of the Easter Story and the empty / full paradigm. Following lunch we celebrated two retiring ministers, Leonard Oracheski, and Barb Roberts with the presentation of gifts and cake.  Remit 8: A Step Towards a New Model of Membership, was discussed and approved.  Barb Roberts then spoke about her message for the church. She asked us to look at who we are, what are our great blessings and power right now, what do we value, and to not be afraid. Remit 7 Candidacy Pathway: was discussed and approved.  At the end of the business portion of the meeting some table discussion was held about the remits in our congregations. Most are leaving them until September or October to begin.

At our September meeting Remit 1 Three Council Model was discussed and approved. Remit 3 Office of Vocation was discussed and approved. Remit 4 Funding a New Model was held over to our next meeting and approved then. Remit 6: One Order of Ministry will be dealt with at a later date.  Scott MacAuley was installed as chair of presbytery at our September meeting.  For several years now we have been Acknowledging the Territory at the start of each presbytery meeting. It gives us reason to pause and reflect.

“As we gather in worship this morning, let us pause to remember that in this region we live and work and worship on Treaty One land, in the traditional territory of the Anishinaabe, Cree, Oji-Cree and Dakota peoples and in the heart of the Metis Nation. We acknowledge, with respect, the history, spirituality and culture of these peoples. We acknowledge their stories and their stewardship of the land and water, the plants and animals, through the many generations. May we live with respect on this land, and live in peace and friendship with its peoples.”

As part of the discussion the organizing committee had around the 30th Anniversary of the Apology to the Indigenous Peoples the question was raised “What can we do?” “Get to know us” was the reply. That became the inspiration for our Learning times at our last two meetings. In September we gathered at the Sandy Saulteaux Center and met Melody McKellar. For those of us who were interested we could arrive the night before and take part in a sun rise ceremony. It was enlightening.

At 6:00oclock in the morning I saw a car drive in and Melody walked over to the fire pit. She had lit the sacred fire before we got out. She asked me to be the keeper of the fire and to make sure it didn’t go out before the end of the ceremony. It was a cool and damp morning, but a very meaningful ceremony. A traditional story was told around the need to continue to remember to give thanks with each new sunrise and to be thankful for our blessings.  We had geese fly right over our heads in the middle of a prayer. I was saddened and it seemed disrespectful to hear gun shots shortly after, but that is part of life I guess. The ceremony is followed by a feast, breakfast for us. Before we could go for breakfast, we had to offer a portion of it to the creator. A bit of each food and beverage was brought from the kitchen to the fire and with prayer presented to the fire. Then we were able to go inside and get warm and have something to eat.

Following breakfast she gave a three hour presentation on native spirituality and the medicine wheel. Her presentation was very informative and tactile. We touched many furs, smelt and touched many plants that are used for medicines, held rocks. Her reverence for nature was obvious throughout her presentation. At one point she was describing how to harvest a root of a reed that grows in the swamp with the cat tails. You have to reach down into the muck find the root and work your way along it, working it loose and yet leave a piece at the end so the plant can continue to grow. Their most sacred medicine or gift is tobacco. Melody collects the plants and rocks that are used for the medicines. She said that before she can take anything, she offers a prayer of thanks for it and leaves some tobacco. She added that if she finds a plant she is looking for, but doesn’t have any tobacco, she leaves it behind until she can come back with some tobacco. Our time with her was very enlightening and insightful. She has much to teach and I quote Melody.

“Aboriginal spirituality is not only about smudging or going to sweatlodge. These ceremonies are a significant part of our teachings and culture but not the most important practices. Aboriginal spirituality is about how we walk our path from the moment we open our eyes in the morning with the new sunrise to the moment we close them to rest when the sun sets. It is how we live in right relations with ourselves, each other and all the rest of Creation.”

At our November meeting Tessa Blakie Whitecloud and her husband Hanwakan Whitecloud  presented the Blanket exercise. We had been asked to bring a blanket to the meeting. As we started we were asked to place the blankets on the floor so they were touching and to remove our shoes. We then started walking around on the blankets, imagining that we were the original indigenous peoples of the land. All was well, lots of resources, lots of peace. Once the Europeans arrived things started to change. They started taking things and symbolically some blankets were removed from the floor. We were to continue walking on the blankets, but it was harder as there were not as many. Treaties were signed, but they were mostly one sided. Over the course of the exercise we realized how systematic and deliberate the process was. The goal was to get all the resources from the land and to get rid of the Indian problem. Reserves, residential schools, disease, all took their toll. For example I was one of the ones who were taken to the residential schools. Some ran away. I got to come back, but because I had been there I was no longer part of my community. I had to sit on the floor with my back to everybody. That in itself was enlightening. As part of the debriefing we were told that we may not be accountable for the actions of our forefathers, but we can account for our own actions as we relate to our indigenous neighbours. We were asked to express how we felt after being part of that exercise. Sadness, sorrow, ashamed were words that were heard a lot.  Indeed I / we have benefitted greatly by the actions of our colonizing ancestors, but I don’t feel very smug about it. My eyes have been opened a little, and I recognize them as fellow children of God.

We have accomplished a lot and learned a lot at presbytery this year.  Respectfully submitted by Jim Warburton, presbytery rep for Meadow-Lea.



As 2016 comes to an end it is once again time to do annual reports.  It is also a time to reflect on our year of worship and plan for the coming year.

2016 brought change to our church as we welcomed Reverend Patricia Baker to our pastoral charge.  We are enjoying getting to know her and welcome her gifts of ministry. It is wonderful to have continuity in our church community and services once again with a permanent ½ time minister.  She has been actively trying new ideas to bring interest in the community and life back into the church.  Some example of this were a condensed vacation bible school, special music Sundays, an evening retreat for teenagers at Rubber Ducky Campground, the outdoor nativity, just to name a few.

The highlight of Meadow Lea United this year was of course our 125 celebration. Thank you to the many people that volunteered their time to make that happen.  There were many people who contributed either time or financial support to this celebration and we thank each and every one for your interest and support.

“125 years is a long time to keep a church going in a community today.  Many churches are closing and have trouble keeping people involved.  This church has persevered through some hard times and has seen many changes but the dedication in the small numbers of people has kept it going.  We salute our pioneers for the vision 125 years ago for the vision of establishing a church in this strong community.  Many community members still call this their church; whether they attend regularly, occasionally or financially contribute.  It is good to know that when we need this church it is here.  It takes people to build a church, and people to lead a church, but it takes a community to keep a church alive.”  These are some of the quotes I read at our celebration in June.

Many thanks to all who have support this church in any way.  You may be the person that hands out the bulletins, or tidy’s the church, provide music or some leadership, or quietly do some small things to enhance the life in this church. Thank you to each and every one of you for what you do.

2017 will bring change as any new year does; to follow is Betty Kelly’s final report as co-chair for Meadow Lea.  We bid farewell to her and Les with coffee and cake in October.  Betty and Les have moved to Brandon to begin retirement for Les and to be closer to family.  We thank each of them for their contributions to our church and they will be missed, but we wish them all the best in their new home.

As both Betty and Les leave their positions here, we will once again need to fill these empty spaces.  I encourage anyone to help fill these spaces as we move our church forward.

As we go forward I hope that we can continue to have a healthy and hopeful congregation as we continue our faith journey with Patricia and each other.

Blessings to you all,

Submitted by, Sandra Keen (co-Chair)



Year    M & S             Church Collection       Annual & PAR           Total                Hydro

2016    $ 440.00        $  7,070.94                  $ 8,235.00               $15,745.94      $ 812.81

2015    $ 617.00        $  8,110.33                  $ 6,565.00               $15,292.33      $ 987.64

2014    $1,122.00      $  8,121.38                  $ 8,655.98               $17,899.36      $ 876.63

2013    $1,853.23      $  8,703.80                  $ 6,875.00               $17,432.03      $ 627.24

2012    $2,691.00      $  7,315.05                  $ 7,225.00               $17,231.05      $ 640.84

2011    $1,419.00      $  6,513.63                  $ 6,755.00               $14,687.63      $ 546.04

2010    $  864.00       $  8,918.71                  $ 8,629.53               $18,412.24     $1145.67

2009    $  620.00       $  9,121.25                  $ 6,555.00                $16,296.25     $  98.04

2008    $  980.00       $10,250.40                  $4,155.00                $15,385.40     $1015.00

2007    $  864.00       $12,366.20                  $ 4,165.00               $17,395.20     $2134.50

2006    $  839.61       $10,547.06                  $ 3,980.00                $15,366.67      $529.00

*Notation to hydro 2007 – 2009

-started budget plan in fall 2007

-ended 2009 as there was too much of a variable and ended with large credit


Meadow Lea Council

Co-Chair                     Sandra Keen               375-6547         sandra.k@xplornet.com

Secretary/Treasurer     Tammy Matthews       375-6053         adtmatt@xplornet.com

M & P                         Debbie Hildebrandt    375-6007         flowerpower2663@hotmail.com

Presbytery Rep            Jim Warburton            243-2621         warburton.js@highspeedcrow.ca

Elder                           Darryl Brunger            383-5154         darrylbrunger@hotmail.com

Elder                           Jim Warburton            243-2621         warburton.js@highspeedcrow.ca

Elder                           Edna McRae               375-6597         eamcrae@hhotmail.com

Steward                       Debbie Hildebrandt    375-6007         flowerpoweer2663@hotmail.com

Steward                       Sandra Keen               375-6547         sandra.k@xplornet.com

Trustee                                    Darryl Brunger            383-5154         darrylbrunger@hotmail.com

Trustee                                    Betty Sorenson           375-6609

Trustee                                    Archie McRae             375-6597         eamcrae@hotmail.com



INCOME                                                       EXPENSES

Starting Balance       $35,518.31      Warren ML Charge                       $15,422.00

M & S                              430.00      Presbytery Payment                             730.80

Cdn. Foodgrains Bank      10.00      Hydro                                                     812.81

Church Coll. & PAR      9,035.94     Insurance                                               891.00

Annual Canvass            6,270.00     Cdn. Foodgrains Bank                             10.00

Fundraising                   3,863.57      M & S                                                     430.00

Blessing Box                    108.43      M & S Blessing Box                                108.43

Local Fire Contribution     100.00      Stamps & Misc.                                       196.35

125th Ann  Donations      1,050.00      Scholarship                                             200.00

Wedding Rental                 190.00      Organist                                               1,000.00

Interest                               325.06      Yard Maintenance                                   600.00

Covenanting Service                                 35.00

125th Anniversary                                  1,596.58

Cards & Gifts                                          134.48

Local Fire Donation                               100.00

Service Charges                                      21.00


TOTAL                       $56,901.31      TOTAL                                              $22,288.45

INCOME                                $56,901.31 ( Income Only $21,383.00)

EXPENSES                            $22,288.45

TOTAL                                  $34,612.89

Balance in Caisse Populaire as of December 31, 2016 with outstanding cheques and deposits.

Chequing                                 $  6,152.09

Plan 24 (Fundraising)                  1,044.25

Savings Plus (Manse)                  4,718.93

Savings Plus 2                           23,497.96


INCOME                                                       EXPENSES


Donations                                $ 1,415.00      Cash in Bank                           $6,638.26

Interest                                            18.84

TOTAL                                       1,433.84

Forward 2015                         $ 5,204.42


TOTAL                                  $ 6,638.26       TOTAL                                  $6,638.26



Chequing                                 $ 4,993.69

Savings Plus                               1,644.57

TOTAL                                      6,638.26

Share on deposit $5.00


INCOME                                                       EXPENSES

Funeral Lunches                      $ 1,510.00       Groceries (funerals)                 $   382.29

Darryl’s Musical Evening             537.00       Groceries (co-op lunch)                304.64

Garage Sales                              1,543.50

Co-op Xmas Lunch                      960.00

TOTAL                                   $ 4,550.50       TOTAL                                   $   686.93

TOTAL INCOME      $3,863.57


            Warren-Meadow Lea Pastoral Charge Budget

          January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016


                   Minister (ADP wages & benefits):      $32,466.00

                   Mileage:                                                3,800.00

Secretary:                                              4,800.00

Office:                                                   3,000.00

Telephone (cell, internet & phone):       2,000.00

Sunday Supply                                     1,500.00

Miscellaneous                                    500.00

Total Expenses:                                                   $ 48,066.00

2016 yearly allotment:                   2015 yearly allotment:                                             

Warren:   65%                    $  31,242.90             $31,430.10

Meadow Lea: 35%             $  16,823.10               16,923.90

Total                                    $  48,066.00            $48,354.00


2016 monthly                                                     

Warren per month:           $2,603.57                            $2,657.00  

Meadow Lea per month:   $1,401.93                          1,430.00 

Monthly allotment 2016                                               Monthly Allotment 2015

Warren:                        $2,657.00                      $2,657.00

Meadow Lea                 $1,430.00                      $1,430.00

As per motion April 10, 2016 Pastoral Charge Annual meeting allotment to remain unchanged from 2015.

11 allotment payments to be made in 2016 to reduce 2015 excess income of $5,595.27.


Mission and service Report 2016 

Warren  United Church:

2016Contributions:                                                                $2,300.3

Warren United: Total Mission and Service Donation:                             $2,300.30


Meadow Lea United Church:

2016 Contributions:                                                                                  $438.43

Meadow Lea United: Total Mission and Service Donation:                    $438.43

Total Warren- Meadow Lea Pastoral Charge   M&S donation for 2016: $2,738.43

Total Warren- Meadow Lea Pastoral Charge   M&S donation for 2015:  $3,426.67

Total Warren- Meadow Lea Pastoral Charge   M&S donation for 2014:  $4,038.86

Submitted by

Vel Dbeuckelaere





Title: Worship
Location: Warren United Church
Description: Doors open at 10am. Meet your neighbours, meet the new minister, Patricia Baker, AND stay for lunch!
Start Time: 10:30am
Date: 2016-03-06